UASC Spotlight: Marathon Runner Kader

Kader, who is one of our young people in PCC, is truly inspiring, and his accomplishments at such a young age are remarkable. Coming to the UK as an unaccompanied asylum seeker child, Kader overcame challenges and achieved so much at such a young age.

At the age of 20, Kader´s progression in the world of running is absolutely astonishing, especially considering he only began his running journey just over a year ago.  His achievements in the marathons are truly impressive and reflect his natural talent and dedication to the sport.  To come 7th in the Brighton marathon with a time of 2:37:36 and then secure 5th place in the Edinburgh marathon with a time of 2:28 is a remarkable feat.

Furthermore, being recognized as the fastest Marathon runner in the UK U20 category is a significant achievement. This recognition speaks volumes about his potential to become a prominent figure in the running community, both nationally and possibly even internationally.    

He has since got a sponsor and has competed in the Berlin Marathon at 2:26 (15th British Athlete) and is concentrating on the major Marathons.

Kader´s journey from being an unaccompanied asylum seeker to becoming a competitive marathon runner is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.  His accomplishments speak to the power of perseverance, and dedication, and reminded us that no matter where we come from or what obstacles we face, we have the capacity to create a brighter future for ourselves.  To learn more about Kader and continue to follow his journey, you can find him on Instagram: @london_ku You can also read a Haringey People´s article about him, here: