Statement of Purpose (Unaccompanied Minors)

This statement of purpose sets out our aims and objectives, ethos of care, and the range of facilities and the services we offer to our service users together with the terms and conditions on which we do so in our contract with local authorities.

Services Provided

Supported Housing – Service users who require either low, medium or high support and accommodation.

Foster Care – young people aged between 0 – 18 years of age, requiring foster care within a family home.

Education/training – Service users can access ESOL training, Numeracy and IT here at the offices of Phoenix Community Care in London and Dover.2. Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

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“Committed to empowering those in need”

The mission and purpose of Phoenix Community Care is to offer care, education and training within an environment which empowers and supports. Phoenix Community Care works within the framework of ‘Care Matters’ to ensure that the progress of our service users is measured against the five outcomes.

The core values which underpin the mission and the provision of services at Phoenix Community Care reflect themselves in the support given to individuals using our services.

Core Values

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Choice Service users are given choices in all aspects of their lives as well as the services offered to them in terms of assessing need, timescales, decision making and implementation.

Independence Service users are equipped, encouraged and assisted to carry out as much as possible for themselves.

Respect Service users are addressed by their preferred name and are spoken to and provided with services which respect their beliefs and their rights.

Fulfilment The environment, facilities and services offered enable and promote the service users ability and opportunity to fulfil all aspects of their life, goals and ambitions – both long-standing and new.


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Phoenix Community Care is a registered company in 1999. The purpose of the company is to provide education, accommodation and training for people in need and to support.

Phoenix Community Care is managed by a Board of Directors. The Registered Manager, Pauline Hawkes holds overall responsibility for all aspects of this work. She is qualified as a ‘Registered Manager, NVQ level 4. She also has 15 years previous experience as an ‘Enhanced Foster Carer’ with Haringey Social Services.

The Board of Directors have executive responsibility for the execution and monitoring of the care that is provided to the Service Users and the Local Authorities working closely with Ofsted, HCPC, Pan London and the managers from Social services.


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The care, accommodation and training are delivered by dedicated teams of staff who receive training in all aspects of their work, both mandatory health & safety training and in the delivery of our ethos. (All staff hold enhanced DBS certificates and are qualified with experience in service delivery. Managers hold qualifications at NVQ level 3 and 4 experience). Our services are inspected by OFSTED, and Pan London ensure that service users are cared for safely and have access to staff 24 hours a day. Our social work practitioners are regulated by the HCPC and our services are Pan London registered and inspected by Ofsted and placing authorities. Service users are cared for safely and have access to 24 hour assistance.

The staff team which is managed and supervised by Pauline Hawkes is split into five sections:

Social Workers

4 fully qualified social workers.

Key workers

2 full and 2 part time key workers working both days and nights offering 24 hours emergency support. This team of staff comprises of one Key Worker Manager who is trained to NVQ level 4 ‘Registered Manager Award’ and three key workers. All staff members hold an enhanced DBS certificate.

With also 1 full time, 1 part time and a 1 bank worker in our services in Whitfield, Dover.

Administrator/Accounts book-keeper

2 full time members of staff providing administrative support to the services users’ and Phoenix Community Care Board of Directors and personnel.


Two part-time members of staff, qualified and DBS checked. Providing 24 emergency support for service users in accommodation. Managing all accommodation to ensure it compiles with all health and safety requirements and HMO standards. They are both supported by qualified electricians, heating engineers, builders and decorators contracted in when necessary.


One full time member of staff qualified to ensure all personnel receive training covering all PCC policy and procedures.

A number of community services are made available to service users on a continued basis. These consist of Doctors, Opticians, Dentists, Solicitors, Education / Employment agencies, school and colleges such as Connexions and Job Centres. For many service users, legal matters are complex so extra support is given in such arrears as dealing with the Home Office. All appointments with any of the agencies listed are recorded in the service user files and they are offered key work support for any appointments that they cannot attend alone.

Recruitment of staff and volunteers is undertaken in accordance with requirements of HCPC and Pan London in respect of the Criminal Records Bureau checks. Furthermore, in accordance with our Equal Opportunities employment practice as outlined in Phoenix Community Care’s policy and procedures. Our Directors and Managers have been briefed and trained in equal opportunities and are involved in all stages of the recruitment process.

Registered Provider: Mr Adrian Hawkes – Managing Director

Registered Manager: Mrs Pauline Hawkes – Registered Manager / Placements Manager

Office addresses
London office: 21-23 Bath Road, London N9 0JX
Dover office: Willingdon Road, Whitfield, Dover CT16 2JX

Telephone numbers
Administration Office (London): 020 8887 6888
Care Office: 07976 957 004 / 020 8887 6888
Dover Office: 01304 823 010: 020 8141 1579

Website address         

Board of Directors
Mr Adrian Hawkes
Mrs Pauline Hawkes
Mrs Carla Mayer
Mr Gareth Hawkes
Mr Jeffery Al Coates

Company Secretary  Mrs Angela Kelly


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Phoenix Community Care is registered with Ofsted – reference SC040334 as an Independent Foster Care agency. First registered in 27th July 2004

Phoenix Community Care is registered with Pan London.

Phoenix Community Care is a not for profit Company, limited by guarantee and a Charity.


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  • Number of Supported People semi-independent residential places
    32 units accommodated between ten homes
  • Number of foster carers and placement availability

15 foster carers available, providing foster care placements to children, aged between 0 to 18 years

Staff hours required to provide 24hour emergency support are specifically identified and separate records of hours provided are kept.

Phoenix Community Care accommodates both male and female service users, currently 80% male to 20% female across the combined resident population.

Description of Accommodation

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The residential accommodation is provided in to two types of facilities:

  • Homes within foster care

Semi-independent housing in the form of 32 self contained units divided into the following accommodations:

  • One 4 bedroomed flat
  • Two 2 bedroomed flats
  • Three 5 bedroomed houses
  • A 3 bedroomed maisonette
  • Three 4 bedroomed houses

The accommodation is spread across the following areas in Islington, Haringey, Enfield and Dover.

The minimum overall space provided for each service user within their accommodation is from 13 m² – 30 m² (including communal living but excluding exterior space such as gardens where applicable).

In cases of foster placement the service user would be allowed access to all areas except that of the bedrooms of those living in the home.

Each service user except foster placement is given a welcome pack upon arrival to the service. The pack consists of the following items:

  • A pack of essential groceries and toiletries
  • A TV set
  • A fridge
  • 2 Saucepans
  • 3 Towels
  • 2 plates, cups and bowls
  • Cutlery set and cooking utensils
  • Bedding including duvet, pillows and sheets and covers

Each unit of accommodation is furnished with a single bed, mattress, bedside table, wardrobe, desk, four drawer chest of drawers, wall mirror, picture, lamp, rug and alarm clock. The shared living space has a communal kitchen, lounge and dining area. Accommodation that houses more than three service users is fitted to HMO standard.

This means all homes are fitted with an integrated fire-alarm system with heat or smoke detectors and emergency lighting as appropriate in every room plus alarm call points and fire doors at the required intervals through the buildings. Each home has fire instructions prominently displayed.

All staff are also trained and instructed in the handling of other emergencies including enlisting the assistance of ambulance and police services.


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Upon entering the service each service user is required to undertake a risk assessment of their needs. This will form the basis of which the level of support will be administrated. Each service user is briefed on health and safety within the home and house rules procedures and how to make a complaint is explained.

Needs Assessment and Admission Criteria

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All service users are brought to Phoenix Community Care by referral from the Local Authority. It is the Local Authority that determines the initial need for accommodation and support.

Within the first 72 hours of placement a thorough risk assessment is carried out with the service user and Phoenix Community Care. This forms the basis of on going key worker support.

Support Packages

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The following support packages are available:

Low level support 4-6 hours per week

  • Registration with a GP, dentist and optician
  • Completion of health screening
  • Completion of educational assessment and link with Connexions
  • Enrolment onto ESOL course
  • Monitoring of school/college attendance
  • Completion of personal performance plan
  • Enrolment into education/training
  • Provision of emergency phone numbers for accommodation provider
  • Accompany to home office appointments
  • Initial risk assessment within 72 hours, subsequent monthly reports
  • Initial report after 4 weeks, subsequent reports on quarterly basis
  • Pathway plan reports
  • Exit plan
  • Evaluation

Medium level support 8 hours per week

As for low level plus the following:

  • Service user to be accompanied to medical and therapeutic appointments
  • Service user to be visited at least three times a week, at least once at the weekend
  • Service user to be seen out of hours in case of emergency in any kind of need
  • Service user to be accompanied to Home Office, solicitors and other appointments
  • Reports to be provided on a monthly basis
  • Strategy meetings and child protection conference to be attended
  • Dealing and support with nuisance and anti-social behaviour

High level support 10 hours per week

As for low and medium need plus:

  • Client to be visited on a daily basis from Monday to Friday and at least once at the weekend
  • Client to be supported with daily tasks on a daily basis
  • Key worker to feedback to social services at least once a week
  • Nature of the Support Packages


Our Supported Housing services here at Phoenix Community Care are ideal for persons who are leaving a service such as foster care or entering the UK alone and who desire wanting to attain independence with the gradual withdrawal of support.

Phoenix Community Care provides supported housing to vulnerable people who are here alone in the UK, or leaving foster care or who are homeless.

Services available to Supported Housing Service Users

Direct care and 24 hour emergency cover – Each service user is issued with contact telephone numbers to access 24 hour support and emergency assistance from Phoenix Community Care personnel. As well as the external emergency services such as fire, ambulance and Police.

All staff are trained and instructed in the handling of emergencies and supporting service users including enlisting the assistance of ambulance and police services.

Administrative support – The Administrator ensures that all records and data including invoices are managed appropriately, keeping records confidential in accordance with data protection. Key workers assist the service user during support sessions to obtaining income support, housing and other such benefits.

General Maintenance & Health and Safety – Maintenance of our grounds and buildings is carried out in accordance with all relevant Environmental and Health & Safety Regulations – including monitoring and testing of Fire Safety, Electrical, Gas, Water, Lighting and Heating systems. Certificates available upon request.

Security – Every effort is made to ensure the safety of service users and staff. Visitors are asked to sign in – for fire safety and security reasons. All service users are issued with keys to their own flat and any other external keys they may require.

Service User’s Handbook – Each resident is issued with a Handbook containing information about all services provided by Phoenix Community Care, facilities available, and details of staff and volunteers employed. The Handbook also contains policies and procedures relevant to residents’ health & safety and outlining action required in emergencies plus the Phoenix Community Care’s complaints policy and procedure.

The complaints policy and procedure details the various ways in which complaints and concerns may be raised with any member of staff at anytime. The procedure outlines how each complaint is reported immediately to the member of the senior management team on call, together with the time frame within which the complainant may expect their complaint to be handled.

There are complaint forms available in each resident’s flat and in the communal areas for service users and visitors to report issues which require attention.

Service users receive monthly news-sheets to inform them of social events. Notices are also distributed to each service user to inform them of news and events particularly where access to the service users’ accommodation is required for essential health and safety work.

Data Protection

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Phoenix Community Care has a policy and procedure for the correct handling of data held on both employees and service users. Written consent for access to same is required – in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 – and the necessary paperwork is held in the administrator’s office.

Phoenix Community Care ensures that only data that is deemed necessary will be kept and that all data will be kept secure and confidential. Personal details will only be made available to authorised persons on a need-to-know basis; furthermore no information will be processed for marketing purposes unless specific consent has been obtained and that data will not be used in relation to automated decision making.

Exemptions exist in respect of certain provisions contained within the Act. These are:

  • crime and taxation
  • health, education and social work
  • disclosure required by law
  • legal professional privilege