PCC (Phoenix Community Care) was first started in 2002 to provide housing and support to children and young asylum seekers and refugees arriving here alone in London. This was done because one of the founders of PCC (Carla Mayer) had just finished living in temporary accommodation in a hostel in North London with her family where she realised the reality of the support that people / children as young as sixteen were receiving.shutterstock_59593801

With the help of a few like minded people, PCC began by opening its first home in South Tottenham, offering accommodation and vital support to vulnerable young people. The need was so great that we grew from one house to eight within three years of opening.

Within this time, PCC was approached by Haringey Social Services to setup a fostering agency that specialised in caring for  asylum seekers and refugees, under the age of sixteen. With many of our community having a long personal history in fostering, this challenge of finding more foster carers and fulfilling the need came with great enthusiasm from PCC and all our staff.

Since then we have concentrated on the quality of our services. Apart from the basic needs from a safe home and support, we take a holistic approach to the many needs from our diverse community by providing esol training, job opportunities, education, social events & holidays, etc.

In 2012, PCC launched PCC Charity which umbrellas the work we do here with refugees and asylum seekers, as well educational and housing projects in our wider international communities of projects in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Romania.