PCC Policies & Procedures

Health & Safety Manual

0111 Health and Safety policy statement
0108 Health and Safety induction programme
0107 General Health and Safety and good house keeping  
0105 Fire Safety Procedure
0106 First Aid
0104 COSHH [Control of substances hazardous to health]
0114 Minimal moving of static loads
0103 Work place Health and Safety
0117 Personal Safety
0210 Lone working
0113 Managing violence and aggression
0118 Working in the community within PCC housing
0116 Personal protective equipment
0110 Health and safety PCC housing
0109 Health and safety security [keys, property and the service user]
0135 Drug and Alcohol  

Central Policy Manual

Policies & Procedure
0123 Complaints
0124 Accidents and incidents
0126 Conducting an investigation
0119 Harassment and bullying
0119b Prevention of Harassment and Bullying
0136 Access to Records
0137 Environmental Policy
0140 Confidentiality
0144 Retention & destruction of data
0146 Financial Reserve
0147 Code of Conduct

Employment Manual

Policies & Procedure Initial Date Read
0125 Whistle blowing
(See employees handbook in office)
0121 Diversity
(See employees handbook in office)
0127 Grievance
(See employees handbook in office)
0122 Disciplinary and appeals
(See employees handbook in office)
0128 Supervision, Appraisals and Mentorship
(See employees handbook in office)
0138 Recruitment & Selection
(See employees handbook in office)

Supporting Services 16+

Policies & Procedure Initial Date Read
0133 The vulnerable adult
0224 Safeguarding and child protection
0134 Eligibility criteria
0145 Missing Policy
0130 Health and Safety policy for service users house folder
 0131 Risk assessment policy
 0132 Support planning policy

Foster Care Agency


Policies & Procedure Initial Date Read
0202 Access to records
0203 Allegations against foster carers
0204 Complaints
0205 Conducting an investigation
0206 Confidentiality
0207 Foster carer’s annual review  
0208 Foster carer’s – IT and internet use
0209 Fraud and malpractice and bribery
0210 Lone working
0211 Managing violence and aggression
0212 Matching and placement of young people and children
0213 Medication  
0214 Monitoring standards of care and schedule 6 items
0215 Notification of serious events  
0216 Ownership of firearms
0217 Ownership of pets
0218 Panel
0219 Participation and consultation with LAC
0220 Preparation for adulthood (leaving care)
0221 Record keeping
0222 Recruitment and assessment of foster carers
0223 Retention and destruction of data
0224 Safeguarding and child protection
0225 Safer caring policy and procedures
0226 Staff recruitment and selection policy
0227 Staff supervision
0228 Training for foster carers
0229 Unannounced visits
0230 Whistle blowing
0231 Child Missing from Care
0232 Smoking & Health Policy for Foster Carers
0233 Sexual Health & Relationship
0234 Internet Safety Guidelines  
0235 Care, Control and Restraint for Foster Carers
0236 Protecting Against Sexual Exploitation

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