Football United

Most of our boys have come to PCC requesting football activities. It’s been a long-standing desire of the Supported Housing Team to start a football programme. PCC appreciated that football is a universal language that has the power of bringing people together from all walks of life. It has the capacity to overcome language barriers, uniting people around the world and provide an avenue towards local integration. 

PCC have teamed up with Football United Hillsong whose aim is to engage, equip and empower young refugees, asylum seekers and migrant’s ages 14-21 years through providing quality football training. PCC are key strategic and referral partners in the project and most recently have the support of the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation in providing additional coaches, equipment and a brilliant pitch with a great view of their new stadium. 

Starting with weekly evening sessions, our joint desire is to build confidence and improve overall well being through providing a welcoming, friendly and affirming environment. Our volunteers and trained coaches are considerate of the specific pressures faced during the immigration process. We hope to promote and empower a successful integration into North London through extending a warm welcome through “The Beautiful Game” of football.  

12 December, 2018 

Miri Burnett
Social Worker