Foster Care Spotlight – Abdul & Salina

Abdul & Salina have been foster carers with PCC since 2016.

Why did you become a foster carer?

Other family members are foster carers and we are aware that there are many more children that need to be fostered. We wanted to be able to offer a home to those children and as we’re Muslims we wanted to be able to offer a Muslim home to any children that may need one. We had also seen that some young mothers needed a safe place to learn to care for their children and we felt that was something that we could help with. 

Have there been any challenges or surprises?

There have been challenges, some of the young people and mothers have had very different experiences in life and that can be hard for them as they move into a different home with new expectations and routines. 

What have been the positive aspects of fostering for you?

When we see children or mothers move on successfully, that’s the rewarding bit. We don’t do if for appreciation but it’s nice when we’ve received that from the mothers that have moved on. 

Would you recommend fostering?

Yes, it can be hard but there’s huge need for all kinds of foster carers and when you see children and, for us, their mothers move on to better situations than they came from that is really rewarding.