Students Spotlight – Intisar Ali

This time we are have a nice update from a recent student. PCC take student social workers from Hertfordshire and Middlesex University on 70 & 100 day placements. Here is a short review from our recent student Intisar Ali.

Hello, my name is Intisar and I am a social work student on my final placement with PCC.

 I don’t have a single memorable moment, but I feel that the shared lunches are something that will stick with me and I might even take with me on my new journey. I feel that this keeps moral high and is the perfect excuse to discover new cuisines. 

Chessington World of Adventures has been my most unexpected moment. I never thought in a million years I would be going to a theme park during placement. This being said, it is something that has been ticked off my list and I have been able to put myself in an environment that challenged my comfortable bubble . It was also a nice start to my placement as it meant I got to know the staff, children and foster carers in a more relaxed setting. 

I have learnt to be ready for the unexpected. This placement has also shown me the hard work and dedication required to ensure foster carers are fully supported. It has opened my eyes to the problems faced by unaccompanied young people and the incredible level of support PCC offer. 

I am going to miss PCC, they have such a family feel. The people here are genuine, real and most importantly fun. PCC has highlighted the type of environment I would like to work  in the future. Each individual member of PCC has taken the time to help me develop and process feelings, thoughts and ideas. This is what I will miss the most. 

Intisar Ali