October 2023 saw a team of PCC staff and volunteers return to Sri Lanka to visit the projects we support. The Palaam Project has numerous projects, schools, housing,  to bridge the gap between north and south, rich and poor, educated and uneducated. During their time in Sri Lanka, the team visited two schools in Wattala and Jaffna, which Adrian and Pauline, PCC Directors, have supported literally from laying the foundations of the building 25 years ago. Seeing the school thriving and the children so happy in education was terrific. We talked with children and staff about the challenges they experienced during Covid and, more recently, the country’s financial crisis.  We had the privilege of attending graduation ceremonies for both schools and seeing students achieve their ICCE certificates.

Team members contributed their creative gifts, filmed material for a short film, performed for multiple audiences, and played games and sports with the children. 

During the trip, the team learned about the housing building project providing homes to local families or orphaned young people who have grown up in the children’s hostel. Paalam purchased land in Jaffna during the war, and now there is a fragile peace. There is an opportunity to rebuild the community and support those living in poverty. Some of the team, inspired by the need, plan to return to Jaffna with money to build a home for a family. The group dreamt up a project called 8000 Bricks to raise £8000, which will launch in early 2024. Follow PCC’s social media to see an update on 8000 Bricks. #8000bricks

Hayley Roberts