My Guide to Fostering

This is a quick extract from our quarterly newsletter which is sent out to our foster carers.

Fostering has its challenges as well as its rewards and Joanne McNaughton has kindly shared her very honest experience and pearls of wisdom that keep her going in the toughest of times.

Joanne and her family

Joanne and her family

“If ever there was a situation which shone a spotlight on my own failings fostering would be right at the top. I have had two boys stay with my family over the summer, who have brought into my home attitudes and behaviours which ordinarily would not be present in the people whom we choose as friends. There have certainly been delights; when one sees a child respond in a way which brings pleasure to them and to you; when they give you a hug and say,” thank you,” or after a difficult situation you see them attempt to change behaviours which are harmful to themselves and those around them. However those moments were not the norm, reminding me, that for so many children in foster care the challenge of helping them is enormous, and not for the faint hearted.

Despite, or perhaps because of the travesty that so many children within our society are living lives so far from that which we know to be right, I hold onto the hope that some of the experiences a child has whilst staying with my family may have a positive impact on their lives.”

Joanne McNaughton (PCC Foster Carer)