Rainbow Alley

The ‘Friends of PCC’ are thrilled to invite you to a drinks reception to be hosted in South Kensington to be able to share with you our work among the vulnerable individuals living in London.

Phoneix Community Care (PCC) is a grassroots initiative that started decades ago in North London by a group of friends that were moved to action to help others in their neighbourhood. Since then, our work involved in providing temporary housing to vulnerable women and children, seeking protection or a shelter. It has evolved into a fostering agency, realising the need to involve other likeminded individuals who want to open their lives to the most vulnerable of all; children.

We have remained committed to our vision to a personal dedication to be agents of change here in the city that we live, though many of us individually have also pursued projects in other parts of the world. As a result of our dedication both to help but also demonstrate utmost professionalism, we have enjoyed close relationship with local authorities and worked in tandem to their needs and hosted vulnerable individuals referred by them. This meant that we have been able to access public funds and help authorities to fulfil their mandates.

We now find ourselves at another crossroads. The disturbing riots in London two summers ago, particularly in Totenham, have moved us deeply. Since then, we have been looking for a way to be present there, to be able to offer a chance for people of all walks in life, particularly those who seem to have no hope and no personal support, to meet and learn to help each other.

This vision became more of a possibility recently as we have found an affordable and yet brilliantly located coffee shop with adjacent buildings in Tottenham that could provide us with a platform to expand our work. Our offer has already been accepted. A leading bank has already closely studied our proposals, work, finances and decided to provide us a loan, which was a confirmation to the solid basis of our vision and work.

architect vision of cafe

architect vision of cafe

We are now in the process of raising funds for the deposit we urgently need and develop a sustainable strategy so that this new venture can have a life of its own, generate its costs and be a base for a wide range of activities both by us and whoeever shares our vision. We strongly believe that it is this social rejuvenation of inner London, not simply its derelict buildings, that holds the key for our society and ultimately country to remain faithful to its core values and be a lighthouse in an increasingly worrying age.

We would love you to meet with you, share our vision with you and ultimately ask you personally consider being a part of this vision.

This is event will be taking placing on March 13th in South Kensington.  If this is a project that you would possibly be interested in helping to finance and making work then please RSVP us at pcc@phoenixcommunity.org or phone us at the office.

Only together we make sense. And only together we can change things.


PCC Family


1920’s photo of the property