NLRR Spotlight – Migrants Organise

PCC often have Spotlight interviews with staff members and foster carers. But this year we want to extend our spotlight to some of the amazing initiatives, projects, organisations and people that continue to make such a difference and impact for migrants, unaccompanied asylum seekers and young refugees. In the current political climate we feel it’s more important than ever, to demonstrate that we are better together!

Migrants Organise is a platform where refugees and migrants organise for power, dignity and justice. We develop leadership and open up spaces for relational, organised participation of migrants and refugees in public life.

Zrinka Bralo is the chief of Migrants Organise and is a fierce advocate for asylum-seekers in the United Kingdom since 2001.

From two decades of work as the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum, we know that migrants and refugees make a positive contribution to our country. Migration is fact of life, instead of resisting it – let’s organise it.

Migrants Organise is at the forefront of the effort to welcome refugees in the UK, to increase the number of people resettled by the government and provide additional safe and legal routes for those in need of protection (including Community Sponsorship).

They have over the past year promoted the campaign #patientsnotpassports. A toolkit designed to support in advocating for people facing charges for NHS care, and in taking action to end immigration checks and upfront charging in the NHS. Link here to campaign.

If you would like to go to the yearly event of Women on the Move Awards on 6thMarch run by Migrants Organise then please follow this link.

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