Staff Spotlight – Tamzin Murray

This year we welcomed to our team our brand-new Administrator, Tamzin Murray, who will be working in Foster Care. Her role will involve communicating with our team and carers and so we thought we’d get up close and personal!

How did you hear about PCC? 

Interestingly, I have lived in the area my entire life and I never knew PCC existed until one day, the banner outside the building caught my eye. I literally ran home to tell my mum the beautiful work that was being done, called up to see if there was anything I could do to help and the rest is history…

Why did you want to join PCC? 

I absolutely love working with and supporting the growth and care of children and young people so when I came across PCC, I knew I wanted to be involved in any way I could. It has always been a dream of mine to foster/adopt in my adulthood and so to be in an environment that supports and encourages other carers who do so is truly a blessing. 

Tell us about your background. 

I come from a strong performing arts background so I am used to being on stage or in front of the camera as well as having experience facilitating children’s drama workshops, building their confidence and supporting their learning in a variety of creative ways. 

How has your first month been?

It has been lovely. Everyone has been warm and welcoming and there has been plenty to learn. I think everything is much easier when you genuinely care about something and so I am really looking forward to bringing my creative side to my role at PCC. 

Describe your time so far at PCC in three words. 

Inspiring. Informative. Encouraging.