Staff Spotlight: Gena Areola

The Staff Spotlight feature is “Gena Areola” this month who works in HR but has worked in everything else over the years.

Name: Mrs Gena Areola

Occupation: Human resource officer and trainee social worker (yes, I said it! 10171087_662647130473948_8100326854912281378_nTRAINEE SOCIAL WORKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Favourite tv program: Boston Legal!

How Long have you been working for pcc: I transferred from NLM to PCC in 2005, however, I started in the nursery back in 1994!

Favourite musician at mo: I am really enjoying listening to Apache Indian, I know that isn’t really ‘at the mo’ music but am loving it.

Favourite thing of the job: Problem solving – I enjoy anything that provokes me to think and find solutions.

What job would you be doing if you weren’t doing this job: Investigating the care homes and prosecuting staff that abuse the elderly, seriously!

Something you would like to see different in your work: I would like to see LTC fully functioning again, I think it really brought the community to Phoenix Community. (see what I did there?)

Guilty pleasure: Uni – I know I shouldn’t be loving it by I am such a swot.

Favourite PCC story: Albert, first getting to know him as a student at LTC teaching him English, then the miracle of him being housed with PCC after all the trauma he went through at the detention center and having the privilege of being his key worker, then after so much blood, sweat, tears, and prayers, seeing him granted his stay in this country. He is now working in a grand hotel and living in his own flat. Not a hint of benefits in sight. I thank God so much for that whole experience.

One comment to “Staff Spotlight: Gena Areola”
One comment to “Staff Spotlight: Gena Areola”
  1. Gena is a true inspiration and example of how faithfulness and commitment can bring change. Of course change is possible in a conversation however when working with vulnerable people you need to commit time……and patience……..and empathy…..and continuity which Gena gives to all who she works with and for.

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