Staff Spotlight – Angela Kelly

New feature on our website is going through the different members of staff who are part of the Phoenix Community. Our first feature is “Angela Kelly” who has been here from the beginning.

Name: My name is Angela but my family call me Wingela.angela

Role in Pcc: I look after accounts and administration for PCC

Favourite TV program: I don’t have a favourite tv programme but love cookery ones especially the great british bake off.

How long have you been in the PCC world: I have worked for PCC since it began in 1999.

Favourite music at the mo: My favourite is a band called HAUS

What do you most like about working for PCC: Knowing that my role helps PCC and PCC is all about helping people. I love that.

What would you be doing if you were not working with PCC: If i wasn’t working for pcc i would probably be at home knitting, getting angry with tv chat show hosts and complaining at the bin men for not returning my bin to its proper place!!

If you could change anything about pcc it would be: To allow me to bring my gorgeous dog ‘Ben’ into work everyday.

Guilty pleasure: bringing my gorgeous dog ‘Ben’ into work when i’m in the office all on my own…

If you left PCC today what stories or memories would you take away with you: For me it has been a blessing to be apart of PCC, especially since its beginnings. I’ve watched it grow in its vision and working practices to help people here and abroad. PCC is there to help the poor, the needy and the vulnerable…so for me this is not a job or a place of work… it’s something I am privileged to serve.