Staff Spotlight: Ai Seng Paul

Ai Seng is our ultra runner assistant bookkeeper. Legend!

How long have you been working for PCC?

Since October 2020 – I joined in the middle of the 1st covid year.

Favourite tv program or film?

I only watch Netflix and recently watched ‘The Blind Side’ which is a show of how a man came from a poverty stricken upbringing to play in the NFL with the help of his adoptive family. Prison Break though is my favourite tv series, good looking man. 

Favourite thing about your job?

I enjoy the gift aid because it’s relaxing and I don’t have to think too much, but I like all aspects of my job.

Favourite musician?

Freddy Mercury, my kids used to jump on the mattress to it. I have even got my grandson into it now.

Another job if you didn’t work for PCC?

Picking fruit and vegetables, I love physical work like digging.

Hobbies outside of PCC?

Crochet  – allotment – running (especially ultra runs) – combat training zumba – I’m a very active person.

Anything you’d like to see different at PCC?

Everything has always got room for improvement. 

Best PCC story?

I did the 28 mile run back in April for ’28 Too Many’ and even though I had an injury I enjoyed it immensely.

Ai Seng’s Christmas coleslaw

3 standard carrots grated

1/4 red cabbage  grated

1 med onion chopped fine

1 celery chopped fine

2 tab Mayo (not cheap)

1 tea spoon vinegar