As a community we’d had many lofty plans and hopes to raise awareness and money for all the different projects that PCC supports. As ‘C19 Lockdown’ tightened it became clear that some of the plans were not going to be able to proceed. With that in mind as well as the news of our Sure24 colleagues struggling given their situation in Kenya in Lockdown and the added challenge of floods and currency devaluation we thought hard about an alternative plan for raising funds and to highlight the challenges that they were facing. 

Harry loading up his weights

#PCC20DAYS was planned, utilising our allowed daily exercise slot members of the community signed up to do one thing every day for 20 days to promote the cause. Regardless of ability or passion there was something for everyone. Paul Kelly committed to 20 days of 5K runs as Miri ran 20 minutes, Pauline and Adrian to walk every day in a different location. Heroically, Harry Hawkes ran/walked 5k every day  adding 1kg extra to his backpack every day for each of the 20 days! Gareth, Blair and Al rode 20miles every day for 20 days and Russel planned to skip every day for 20 minutes but due to injury capped all off everyone’s hard work with a 20 hour DJ set live streamed. 

Blair supporting Paul on his 5k run

It was fantastic to follow the #PCC20Day hashtag and see all the adventures, injuries, exploits, punctures, determination and relief when it was completed and more so when we added up the money given by a broad range of kind sponsors.

We had hoped to raise £2000 but were amazed and overwhelmed to finally raise £4157 (over 5k with gift aid). So, thank you every one who gave and every one who took part!

You can still donate to all the different fundraisers at

russ 20 hour radio show