Kenya Update Annual Review

We at Rainedge l Centre would want to wish you the best that the year 2022 holds in store.
We all bear the marks in one way or the other of the years 2020/2021 branded as, but for the fact that; we came through then there is hope there is need to dream of a better future be determined to move on and follow after our dreams.


As the year 2021, was coming to an end most people in the world, were looking forward to the end of it. What a better way for us to end that challenging year and start this New Year 2022 with a heartfelt gratitude, For the children whose education you are supporting in Kenya, this is a precious gift that offers hope for a poverty free future.

We have had to adapt to the new normal in life and we’re making good progress thank you again for being part of our community through the adventures. We learned to adapt improvise and overcome endless new life developments While the new world still tries to heal from a pandemic we faced. All this bustling complex reality with an ever growing spirit of adventure and ambition, now we are in 2022 with renewed expectation and you are at the heart of it all Despite all the challenges, we had experienced in 2020 after the first wave of corona virus pandemic that affected the whole world, we thank God our staffs at Rainedge international Centre, all our children were not affected and neither infected. All the staffs were able to come back in 2021, fit to strive and make Rainedge International Centre and Sure24Children Homes a better place for our children. We have had well-wishers who have come on board to assist us in terms of getting all the required protections for our children to prevent them from getting Covid19 by providing us with masks, funds to make hand washing dispenser points and soap.

We would like to say thank you for enlarging your circle of family and travelling with us through our formative years.


There is always an adventure in Kenya and also there is always a lot of progress happening at Rainedge International. Due to the Rain edge Management Team led by the director and founder Sammy. Through the hard work of the Rain edge staff, the support of our sponsorship team leaders, and the support of our great family of sponsors, the Kenya Children Services Issued us, with a certificate of registration and we were ranked amongst the best children’s home within Nakuru county. We are grateful for all your support for making this possible. This shows the dedication of the director and the rest of theRainedge team, together with you our donors and sponsors.


In the year 2021 schools were reopened, we saw candidates sit for the Kenya certificate of primary education hence joining high school and those in high school sat for their Kenya certificate of secondary education hence joining colleges and universities.

This year 2022 has come with a few challenges in education sector, where for the first time in history of the Country, we shall have two academics Year all this in an effort to try and recover the lost time in 2020 and 2021. It’s a massive challenge especially for the parent managing to raise the resources in line with school demands.


In the past, the year we have managed to construct four classrooms that have big progress helping us to comply with the new school systems the government has come up with a new school system. The government has come with a new education system, with the introduction of junior high school which will mean we will now do six years in high school rather than the four years, we used to have.

Feeding Project on Dumpsite

Rain Edge International Centre loves hosting volunteers. It very important for them to be able to experience and be part of what we do first hand. We were so honoured to have these wonderful volunteers from Germany, visiting us and they have been having a quality time with the children and also helping with the work that is on the ground.

Towards the end of the year, we were able to share with the surrounding community’s food packages, we made food for the street families, we expanded the Sure24 family to Lugari which is in western Kenya and we had graduation parties.

Feeding Project on Streets

The volunteers also got a chance to visit the landfill commonly known as the dump site area or “Giotto” as referred by the locals. For most people for their first time can be overwhelming. Over 600 people or about 300 families live at the landfill. They survive by donations from well wishers and by collecting plastics from the dumpsite for resale. On 23rd December, we were able to share Christmas food package with 320 families from the dump site and on 24th of the same month we prepared different delicacies and we feed around 200 street children and families.

Giving Back

Giving experience to our Children is very important. The more experience we can give to our children will affect their future. At Rainedge we are always looking for ways to give new experience to the Children and teach them about giving back to the community, no matter how little they may think they have. Our children along with the Rainedge staff and visitors got a chance to interact with the street families and the families from the dump site which was quite an experience.

What of the future? Plenty more of the same! What are our dreams and plans for the months ahead? In the New Year 2022, we are looking into expanding our water project, to the community by drilling a New Well.
We also want to expand our enterprise projects, which will give our colleges and university students a chance to raise pocket money since it’s one of our biggest challenge for them.

To enlarge your circle of family and become child’s sponsor please email the gift of education is the greatest gift of all.