International Work

Kenya, Sri Lanka, Romania & Ukraine

PCC has been involved in supporting projects in Sri Lanka, Kenya and Romania for many years. During Covid, travel restrictions meant that we were unable to organise trips to these countries and instead had to resort to fundraising and garnering support from the UK. The travel restrictions took a toll on these projects as these trips are a huge boost to international relations and creating that connection with people from the West. Kenya, Sri Lanka & Romania prices have soared with all the feeding programmes, orphanage & education costs.  

We continue to support these various projects and the many social enterprises for sustainable living in the future – and you can too (on the above link).  Also, if you would like to take part in one of our trips abroad then please do contact us or look out for notices on future trips.Also last March our staff member Gareth did a trip with Gusti (community leader in villlage of Soard) and Andy Smith (our advisor) to the Ukrainian border to help provide supplies from the UK.  There remain ongoing fundraising efforts and Gusti is currently housing families in his village. 

To support any of the projects specifically – click link below.

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