Staff Spotlight – Tashia Brown

Favourite TV program or film: 
I enjoy watching all sort of things. I really don’t have favourites. however, I like watching Housewives of Atlanta, Home & Away, Neighbours and America’s next top models.

How Long have you been working for PCC?
I started working for PCC in May 2016 prior to finishing my Social work training, I guess that would mean that I have worked for PCC for 2 years exactly.

Favourite musician at mo:
Now I listen to mainly Christian music from different genre. These includes afro beats, caribbean medley, worship and rap.

On occasions I enjoy listening to secular music from different genres also.

Favourite thing of the job: 
My favourite thing is being able to work jointly with foster carers to support them to have the best fostering experience. I believe that by doing so, I ensure that the foster children receive the best possible care from their carers because the carers are at their best and is therefore enabled to be attuned to the needs of the children.

What job would you be doing if you weren’t doing this job: 
I would be working in the local authority as part of the referral and assessment team. This is because my skills to risk assess and my counselling ability would also make me suitable for that position.

Something you would like to see different in your work: 
Would like to see a general mentoring group for the foster children. This would involve arts, drama etc. which would benefit self-esteem, identity & impact their whole experience in their journey.  This would be a good source of therapeutic experiences for the children.

Guilty pleasure: 
I love sleep and it is so precious to me.  Also love parks and cannot always find others who enjoy parks as much as me, especially picnics.  This is from growing up in Jamaica where you were brought up outdoors all the time and miss a lot of that.

Favourite PCC story: 
Getting GOOD for our Ofsted inspection. this means that all our efforts and good work has paid off and our labour was not in vain.

I have also enjoyed working with our Social Work Students and seeing them push themselves. Often they come to PCC needing to develop different areas of their practice and it’s really rewarding to support them and help them achieve their goal of becoming a social worker.

Anything else you would like to say?
It has been an absolute pleasure working here at PCC and getting to know foster children and carers and hearing their stories. I am in total awe of the work that our carers have done with children who have very challenging behaviour that is directly link to the trauma they have gone through. A few of our children had been diagnosed with PTSD and the carers have been patient and understanding and it really showed that they are fostering
because they want to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.