Staff Spotlight is on our newest employee Rebekah Juhasz.10498702_10153015482733154_8355612272070821529_o

“Hello. This is me, Rebeka. I am Hungarian and the only one in the whole entire PCC staff who is not a native English speaker and living in England for less than 5 years. First I worked as social worker between 2003-2011 in Budapest then as a break I moved to the UK and tried myself in several other jobs until 2014 when I continued to pursue the career I love, so started to work in support worker roles and soon as a social worker again.

I love London too, in my view London is challenging place to live but very much worth it for it is rich in diversity but not lacking in authenticity. In my free time I enjoy meeting with friends, sports, music, books, and thinking of my dreams. (Only thinking so far.. sometimes taking some shy steps). I also try to go home as often as I can to visit my family and friends these are precious times I look forward to. I am glad to be part of the PCC, this unique group of people who are trying to make a difference in children’s lives. I think if I could of hand picked a job for myself, fostering would de nitely be at the top. Work is often endless and intense however it’s been a life learning and character building opportunity. I feel that PCC has a very bright future and I hope that you all continue to enjoy the successes. Thanks for all of your kindness and warm welcome I hope we will work together for long and fruitful time. See you soon.”