What is fostering?

So would you like to help foster a future for a child?

Fostering is caring for a child or children who need to be ‘looked after’ by another family because they are not able to stay with their own family for a specific period of time. The length of time children come into foster care variesdepending on their needs, what is considered to be ‘in their best interest’ and their own birth family circumstances.

For this reason there are different types of fostering:

Short-term fostering

For a child to go back home to their family when the difficulties causing them to leave are resolved.

For a child/ren to move on to a new long-term family for the rest of their childhood or permanent adoptive family when a decision is made that they can no longer live with their own birth family.

Long-term fostering
When the plan is for a child to live with a foster family for the rest of their childhood.

Mother and Baby fostering
This is a foster home that offers a teenage mother the opportunity to learn good and safe parenting skills in order to give her baby the best possible start in life.