Badr has been fostering with us for five years and is just sharing a few moments in her experiences.

How long have you been fostering?
5 yearsBADR

What has been you favourite thing about fostering so far?
Is that I achieved by settling K and have achieved seeing him doing well with the help of pcc.

Have you a favourite story from your experiences?
We took him to Morocco to meet our family and relatives and he loves Africa. He learnt arabic and answers back in arabic.

How has your family adapted to fostering?

Very easily, it has brought the family closer together and we see our foster child as our family. My birth kids are both older and studying. Fostering brings us a common ground as we all want to be involved. Especially K who we have now he has brought joy to the house.

We are happy to see progress and he was shy from the beginning and now he is very outgoing and keeps the teachers busy with questions and teachers rave about his behaviour. He receives loads of rewards for school and we get loads of rewards seeing his progress and we are very proud of a brave boy.

What advice would you give to other people interested in fostering?
To go for it and it is so nice to see the child doing well. Its a life you have improved.  It not easy to be challenged by contact and the pressure from social workers but you see past that.

You have to be prepared and be ready for the needs of each child.
It is very helpful to know what the personality and behaviour of the child before you have them placed with you. The more knowledge the better and honesty is good, especially when it come to teenagers.