Here is another new feature on our website where we will be doing a five minute interview with our amazing foster carers and a few of the things they would like to share.  Our first foster carer we are featuring is Agnes Antwiwaa.


How long have you been fostering? In October it will be 5 years.10301542_10152435515437780_7120571301540011250_n


What is your favourite thing about fostering? Caring for babies and the every day needs, they are so vulnerable and I enjoy knowing that i’m doing all i can to help make sure they are safe and happy.


Have you got a favourite story from your experiences? When I was looking after twins. I remember waking up to one of the twins trying to get into the other twins cot so that they could be close. They all have unique characters and are funny in their own way.  I often remembers them all with fondness.


How has it been with fostering for your family?  My family are happy with fostering and my children take great pleasure in taking care of the babies. I believe it will really help give my children a head start to caring for their own babies. They are all so confident and familiar with the needs of a baby now.


How best do like to enjoy the evening? I enjoy a warm soapy bath and story time with the babies in our care and enjoy the quiet evenings once the baby settles into a routine and sleeps through the night.


How do you feel when the foster child leaves home?  Every time it’s hard, I often cry and find it difficult. You think it will get easier with time but each time you form an attachment and its always hard saying goodbye. The feeling calms down over time and I find it helps if you have another child. The position of feeling needed by someone else takes your mind off.


I also always try to focus on the happy memories.


What advice would you give to other people interested in fostering?  Make sure you love them as your own! Also follow the
training and guidelines.
  1. I loved this article, short but so full of the joys….highs and difficulties in fostering but proof that around fostering fives ballance to you and your family and in Agnes’…….fostering gives babies a great start in life. I love that your daughters share your fostering and they will gain so much confidence, empathy and love from growing up in a fostering home. Well done Agnes and well done PCC

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