A quick update…

The school is going so well with many children being educated and fed on a daily basis. There are quite a few inter-schools competitions which they seem to excel in (i.e. Rugby, Dance and Choir). The older students are leaving the school and being accepted into colleges and universities and leaving to go straight into employment.

The orphanage is still running, and the children from there all attend the school and progressing well in their education.

The big financial strain has been building the high school, and although building work is quite a long way from being finished, the high school is operating with over 60 students with a lot more applying for the coming year. They are doing well too. 

We managed to get Sammy & Millie over here again this autumn to travel around Europe doing a promotional tour. We have managed to set up sponsorship support from Germany and Poland (the Timothy Project has been the catalyst for this, thank you).

It isn’t time to relax if you want to support and help, there are still children that have no sponsor, please have a look on the web site and see if you could sponsor a child. If you are not in a position to sponsor then please consider writing to them, they love to hear from people, and they will of course write back to you.

If you already sponsor one of the children there then thank you, it really is making a difference and changing lives.

In this short report we want to say thank you to ‘Regenerate UK’ and the ‘Feel Good Bakery’ who sponsor the weekly feeding program at Sure 24, when lots of extra children come from the streets for a hot meal. 

Adrian Hawkes