Sure 24 in Nakuru, Kenya

Our Independent Reviewing officer, Al Coates, has been over to Nakuru, Kenya a P1050663couple of times over the past year and has given us an update on the current progress of Sure 24 in Nakuru, Kenya…..

Sure 24 has seen a remarkable transformation over the las 24 months. Assisted by national and international partners the site has had significant work undertaken (including the building of new dormitories) for the ever P1050675increasing number of boys, a school assembly hall and completion of the school building with 8 new classrooms. The number of children living with Sure24 is now over 150 with more being added almost daily.
The primary school continues to go from strength to strength with over 400 children attending daily the completion of the new classrooms has been a blessing. The school was recently rated as the highest achieving school in the Nakuru district having some of the brightest and able pupils in the district. A remarkable achievement considering the challenging lives and journeys the children have had to date. As the children are growing older the need to ensure the same quality and excellence in education has led to Sammy purchase a 10 acre plot of land not far from the existing site. The vision is to replicate the excellent standards achieved at primary level in a High School the team hopes to build
PCC has given financial support and been involved in sharing of knowledge and skills to assist Sammy with the ongoing training of staff in the impact of P1050479trauma, loss and separation, safer caring and the principles of the every child matters agenda. PCC Foster Care Social Workers have visited Sure24 as have Pauline & Adrian Hawkes,  Angela & Malachi Kelly and Al & Paula Coates over the last 24 months and remarked on the transformation not only the buildings and facilities but the children that live there.
The future is exciting with the planned start of the High School, but also opportunities to create employment for some of the children as they move into adulthood. Some of the young men are in training to be tour guides for the national park with a view to a small guide business starting. A container is planned to arrive mid year with bicycles to be sold and repaired at the Sure 24 Garage, as well as another container with electrical goods. The water bottling plant continues to be a source of employment and income.

Al Coates
Social Worker