Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, PCC support the Paalam project.  In 1995, Jenny Sinnadurai had a desire to work back into her own country of Sri Lanka to assist those caught up in the civil war there. She intended to do this by building a community center in Wattala, which would be a resource to the whole community. She wanted to provide education, employment and medical facilities.

Paalam is the Tamil and Sinhala (Paalama) word meaning “Bridge”. In order to get to the Paalam Project you must cross a bridge over a canal that separates one area of Wattala from another.

The building of the community centre in Wattala was completed ten years ago. Since then Jenny and her team of helpers have seen the whole community come together. It houses a school and nursery, medical centre and is a meeting venue for community groups and a Christian church.

It has spread its links by recreating the same resource in Jaffna, north of Sri Lanka. However in Jaffna it also houses a girls and boys orphanage, providing much needed accommodation and care for 50 children.

PCC want to continue to help Jenny and her team deliver this essential social action. Sri Lanka has been a country ravaged by war and tsunami. We hope we can continue to fund raise, find volunteer support and raise awareness of this wonderful project. For more information on Paalam please visit their website