Education in Romany village, Romania

I was introduced through a Regenerate visit back in February to the village of Soard in Transylvania, Romania. I saw there was education locally, however talking with the local Roma leaders and various people from the village, it seems that the situation had a few issues.

Many from the village are Gypsy’s / Roma and there is quite a strong racist attitude in the area towards them. This was clear to see during my visit but is also recorded in many trip advisory organisations when referring to tensions in Romania. This attitude is detrimental in the children’s education as at school, when they do go, there is bullying from other non-Roma children, as well as unfortunately from the teachers.  ‘They are gypsy’s what can they do’. Even talking with a local leader in the town who asked what we were doing in the area, the response was, ‘we do not like those people, they should be put against a wall and shot’.

The education that we want to establish in Soard is Christian based promoting the understanding that all are equal. We believe that along with improving the prospects of the young Romani people, this education will also elevate their self-esteem, self-worth and motivation.

With support and investment, we believe that the future of the Romani people living in Soard can be a very positive one, improving not only the children’s lives but everyone in their community.

I hope you feel that this is a cause worthy of your support which you can support here.

by Adrian Hawkes