Paalam Project (Sri Lanka)

One of our founders, Adrian Hawkes, has just returned from Sri Lanka and has given us a few paragraphs to share whats going on with one of the charities we support…

The projects and programmes in Sri Lanka are going very, very well. The end of last year we opened our second school in the Northern Province, in Jaffna we started with just a handful of children but now 2014 we are already up to 19 children in the school. Already the children, even the little ones are becoming very fluent in English. As per our policy in The Wattala School we teach all three languages, that is Tamil, Sinhala and English.DSC_7335-Edit-Edit-1280x853

The Wattala School has grown and grown. Currently 250 children, we have had to put an embargo on any more children being added to our waiting list as currently we have as many on that or more than we actually have in the school and we have simply run out of space. The children are doing well and we have just had our first three students complete their ICCE General certificate (that is like around 9 GCSE’s for UK readers) One student passing with an overall A pass that is really good.

In the Northern Province we have built a purpose built orphanage for girls, and re staffed it. This means that we have around 40 girls in placement. The building is of a high standard and has cost around £100,000 to finish. Much of these funds have been raised in the UK, Switzerland, Canada and France. Currently there is building work going on for a 3,000 seated building that will provide space for the growing community and conferences. Along with coffee shops and other retail outlets, this should be usable by the end of December at which stage we will move the Northern school into new facility’s vacated by the community; this will give the Northern school room to expand too.