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New Giving Method

Do you want to support the project in Kenya either by sponsoring a child or supporting the work in General.

For me, the ongoing work there is exciting; I remember standing in the middle of the field at the very beginning of this journey, looking at the empty field with nothing around it.  Now when I visit, it is crowded with school buildings, administration centres, meeting places and most fantastic of all, hundreds of children, being educated, cared for, fed and given the chance to dream of great things for their future. One of our staff who visited the project not so long ago remarked, what has been accomplished by so little is amazing.

We appreciate the work of fundraising and funnelling your giving that has been done by the Sure24 charity in the past. We understand how irksome it is to have to complete new paper work and change bank account details and the like; however we are glad for the sake of the children that you are willing to do that.

As you probably know Phoenix Community Care Charity is now taking over the administration and transfer of moneys from givers like you to where it’s needed in Kenya. This is not exactly new for us as we have been supporting the work there by doing our own sponsored walks, rides and runs. Our own Independent School has fundraised after being inspired by one of Sammy & Millie’s visits.

Paying funds by cheque:  Please pay PCC and write on the back, Kenya / Sure 24 and any other information you deem necessary such as your sponsored child and post to Phoenix Community Care 21-23 Bath Road, Edmonton London N9 0JX

Paying funds by standing order or BACS: Please pay PCC – sort code – 16. 58. 10. Account number 20280327 again please put on the instructions from your bank the reference Kenya / Sure 24 and any other instructions concerning designation.

You can also do payments through our justgiving page and also organise any sponsorship events through this site that you or your community would like to organise.

If you have any questions regarding accounts, then you can contact Angela Kelly her email is:

Questions regarding the sponsorship of specific children please contact Paula Coates her email is:  and our office number is: 020 8887 6888.

If you were previously donating throughSure 24 we hope that this change over can go as smoothly as possible, and I want to say on behalf of the children in Kenya thank you so much for your support

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Hawkes

(Trustee on behalf of PCC Charity)