Laptops for Supported Housing

One of the boys with new laptop.

During the lockdown period, it became self-evident that we needed help to equip some of the boys in our Supported Housing as the colleges they attended put in lockdown procedures and sent them home.   The young people were sent with work to do online.  

The problem was that they did not have laptops or Wi-Fi. So we did announce on social media that this was a need.

In the interim period, we took the money from PCC (a loan really) and borrowed laptops.  Some of the boys were trying to do their college work on tiny mobile phones in that first week.  Our maintenance staff immediately organised Wi-Fi for all the houses, this was not an easy process at the start of lockdown as engineers came but would not enter the homes. This will up the road lead to further cost as proper telephone points have to be installed later when engineers can adequately go into the property.

PCC wants to say thank you to those friends who responded with money. We also wish to say thank you to the UNHCR people who also saw our social media request and have stepped up to help and spread the news.   

Along with the Laptops, the WIFI and the engineer’s visits; we reckon total cost to have made this work, which it is, will have cost around £3,000 so far thanks for your great support and some of the monetary gifts towards our cost.

We are gratefuland we are sure the boys in our support houses are too.