Kenya Update

I Pray that this finds you well. It has been a while since I last send out some updates touching on our work out here in Nakuru, Kenya.

To start with we have just coming out of Electioneering season where we had an opportunity to do it under a new constitution. Amazing how much everyone was involved trying to create a peaceful environment for their neighbor quite contrary to what we had in 2007/8 we we had disputed elections. then tribal anarchy leading to an explosion in internally displaced persons and street families.

We have a course to thank God as Kenyans for ministering peace unto us. This doesn’t mean that the elections were smooth but the thing is that the parties that were aggrieved sought to pursue the matter in the court system whmalachi timothy instagramich also explains that our Judiciary has really improved!! Now this makes me feel proud to be Kenyan !!

At Rainedge, we have had amazing progress on the ground! Sure24 home with now just over 100 kids and the feeding program attracting more kids every Saturday ranging between 100-300 . living Fountain Academy with more that 250 kids and many still on the waiting list, We have started bottling water Aquasure24 where we treat water through reverse Osmosis and using profits to support sure24 home., We now have more than 27 kids that we are taking through High school. It really looks great!

We are so excited with the progress and more still to come!

On the 31st of March we are going to hold a special Sunday celebration where we are looking into inviting the people that are considered of the lowest class in our community to come spend the day with us, we are looking at street kids, Drunkards, matatu crew, and actually a word is out and we are doing them specific invitation cards. We want to dance, Eat and Drink with them and then share some goodies with them before we release them. It will be a moment for us to give back to others. I’m indeed excited for this. We will hire a few matatus(public transport) to bring in street families from town.

Thanks for partnering with us, without your help we would never have come thus far! Well, on this occasion we are still under budget and if you can help in anyway we will really appreciate! We are in it together and am counting on your support!! it will be on the 31st of March!!

Love and Blessings, Sammy


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One comment to “Kenya Update”
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