Introducing our new patron

We are extremely excited to announce PCC’s new patron Shara Worden (photo at top right). The ‘My Brightest Diamond’ star has taken a keen

interest in the work of the charity for many years and has been looking for an opportunity to support and promote what PCC does. Shara says “I am
so inspired by the work of PCC to provide hope and love to children all over the world. They are compassion with caring hands and elbow grease.”

Hailing from Eldorado, Arkansas, Shara is a classically trained musician who fuses rock, cabaret and opera to create her music and brings a quirky theatricality to her performance. As well as being a very successful international artist herself, she has collaborated and toured with a number of singer- songwriters including Sufjan Stevens. Currently, she’s writing an opera which she is performing in Antwerp, Belgium.

We feel privileged to have Shara as our patron as she is as passionate about making a change as she is about making and performing her art.