Backpacks for Kenya

Sammy and Millie have been working with children in Nakuru for he past ten years and every year the needs change in an ever changing project.  New buildings, more kids in the feeding programme, apprenticeships, mechanics and
11695892_901791729877307_7317099658385002249_n the list goes on.

We as PCC try to support the Sure 24 projects in Nakuru, Kenya with many other
friends across the world who have a heart for these beautiful children in a beautiful land.

Millie is seeing the need for backpacks for the school children and is trying to raise a christmas hamper of $3,000 which is under  £2,000 (£8 a backpack roughly).  If you see this as something you would like to support than please do.

Link for donating is here.  If you would like to know more info about Sure 24 all would like to do a fundraiser for the projects in our community than please contact us.